My Nana

Michelle at high school graduation and 3 years before she passed away

Hard Rock Cafe when Rob played joke on me after Charlie Sheen left

David, Jen Christian and ME in New York at LIVE EARTH concert

Toni Thomas Durden

Toni is a successful Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Certified Dream Coach and Life Coach, Speaker, Philanthropist and Best-selling Author of "Life in the Jetstream" and "Road to Success Vol2" with Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul). She resides in Virginia with her husband Rob and two sons Austin & Kieran. She still lives life in the jet stream.

Author Spotlight

Sneak peak to Life in the Jetstream


Long Day after VIP style at Magic Mountain (Thanks Christian)

This is Ricky

Graduate high school at 17 years old

Modeling in a nightclub in Roanoke, VA  16 years old



Kindergarden Newspapaer article

​4 years old


My Big Sister

from Big Brothers

Big Sisters of

S. Sarasota Co.

Monster's of Rock Concert at Donnington CAstle

Toni                                         Rob               Jennifer

Getting ready for a night of skating at my girlfriends house.

My mom and I at the beach

My 3rd grade photo

This Is me riding Ginger

Erik Betts

Mighty Morphan Power Rangers! Party at my house below and reunion after having my 1st son..

Rob Ashton's Chippendale Calendar photo

Kerri                                        Rob                               Toni

Sabine and I shut in hotel in LAX for the Rodney King riots

Billboard I did for DuPont Hanes when I was 16

Our tribute when 9/11 happened

9th grade pageant 3rd runner up and Miss Congeniality