Toni has the rare gift  of being able to dance in the rain. These pages will take you on a journey of self-reflection, allowing you new insight to your own personal stories. With the wisdom, heart, and humor unique to Toni, she will inspire you to dive into the next chapter of your life and love every second of it.

Ellen Bradley Ganus- author, speaker, coach and Multi-Million Dollar business owner of a Health & Wellness Company

I was honored to write the Foreward for Toni's book. She has been a friend and mentor for several years after meeting in Africa. She has an insight unique to her. Toni can relate with so many people because she has experienced such a variety of circumstances in her life. Her book allows you to reflect on your own life to see changes you can make to live the life you want.

Andrew St John- actor and business owner

Endorsements from most well-known authors and business owners

It has been an awesome wonder to watch Toni rise above the worst odds & succeed to such a high level over the past 11 years. There are truly NO EXCUSES and anything is possible when you learn from people who have carved out a simple formula to succeed. You are holding that formula that worked for Toni and it WILL work for you!  

Dani Johnson, Radio/TV host, best-selling author of First Steps to Wealth and Spirit Driven Success, International speaker who cares for thousands of orphans everyday.

Writing a story the reveals your inner most secrets is a transparency beyond comprehension. Toni has pulled off the veil to look within so we can heal through her pain. Toni is an example of how resilient the human spirit can be.

Ana Marie Sanchez M.S - Best-selling author of "Girl from the Hood Gone Good" Licensed Heal your Life Educator, and speaker.

Toni Durden has created an easy to understand guide that is intelligent,compassionate,and filled with simplified "MUST HAVES"of life! Toni's honest stories about her own life struggles are shocking, humbling and incredibly inspiring! Familiar stories all of us can relate to. Durden shows us how not to just sleep with our dreams, but to wake up and chase them. "This book is incredibly satisfying and will empower you beyond measure."

Erik Betts- actor, stuntman, and speaker