Inspirational read!

This is an awesome story about overcoming life's challenges no matter what tries to stand in your way. Toni shows us how we too can turn negative circumstances into a positive outcome. We can definitely learn from Toni.

Ryan S.

Great Book, easy reading, informative and Inspiring

Free will is a GIFT, Toni takes that gift and shares her life's trials and tribulations to let us know we can make good decisions in life or we can stumble through life with our choices, destiny is in our hands. Toni's book will open your eyes and help to prevent you from making those bad choices that could impact your life. Good reading for everyone of all ages, you never stop learning and "Life in the Jetstream" will help you to navigate those good choices in your life. I normally do not like to read, but this book was an easy read! 

Graig H. 

Lessons from Life

Toni begins the book saying "Life is like an international flight to NOWHERE, but my reservation to Paradise. We should have a destination to start with, otherwise, our journey ends nowhere. It is not about how you get your start in life; its about how you finish. For author, our life journey is just like a journey in the jet-stream. She tells us what we can do to be successful in life by describing her own life experiences trodden by poverty and tragic realities.

Barry K.


Entertaining and Inspirational!

Wow! What a great book. It is a captivating read-both entertaining and inspirational! Highly recommend!

​Randy T.

A true tragedy to triumph book on the resilient human spirit. I respect how Toni kept the "ugly"aspect of abuse out of her story, yet it exists and happened. I admit, I know nothing about the travel industry and how it relates to life- Toni educated me on both. I can complicate things at times, now with Toni's simple ten points, I can learn to uncomplicate myself and fly toward my goals! I really enjoyed her vision goals she shared and how most of them manifested in her life.

​Brian S..

See what everyone is saying about "Life in the Jetstream"

​Looking at Life Through a Different Pair of Glasses

Life in the Jetstream for me communicated that the healing and growing process in life requires action on our part. The author has been rigorously honest in telling her life story, while sharing the importance of patience,tolerance,kindness and love. Thank you Ms. Toni for sharing your life story with the world so that others can learn and benefit from your experiences. I highly recommend reading Life in the Jetstream.

Jeff C.


This was a great book and several things in it hit home with me. I am ready to make my list and figure out how to make the most out of the rest of my life.

Cindy G

That was a great ride

When I finish a book I always consider: Was it worth my time? Did I learn anything? Would I recommend it to my friends (who actually read)? In the case of Toni Thomas Durden's book "Life in the Jetstream: 10 Ways to Navigate and THRIVE in Turbulent Times" the answer is yes, yes, yes. We have all had turbulence in our lives, Ms. Durden maybe more than her share, but it shows great strength of character to recall sometimes unpleasant memories and how they can be life-changing experiences that can actually make a person stronger. I like honest books and this was certainly that. I think this story of hardship and sorrow and ultimately perseverance and fortitude and happiness can help those people who feel they may not have been dealt the best of hands. I took a lot away from this book. The author has an abundance of great advice. If I were to pick my favorite quote, among many, it would have to be this one: "Making memories is far more important than having material things." Great job, Toni. Thank you.

Patrick D.

Interesting- Inspiring-Tragic

Life in the Jetstream is an interesting personal reflection on the importance of living life in the now, how you want to. I can see the author used this book to help with healing, along with reminding people you should set out to love every minute of your life to the fullest. You will be reminded many times that any sort of abuse is not acceptable and you are not to blame. It take courage to face it and deal with it so you can live your life as you see fit!  To me this is a guide written with passion and many life lessons. Read it and see what you gain.

Cathy W.